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When I bought this plastic bowl at the supermarket today, the label said: “Great for serving matzoh ball soup, charoset or salt water for the parsley at your Passover seder!” It wasn’t until I got home, opened up a new box of FrootLoops, and poured in the cereal that a light bulb went off and I keeled over in laughter.

Hey, it was 5 boxes of FrootLoops for $5. What the heck would you have done!?!

I should mail this picture to the OU* and give them a heart attack. Why spend the energy engaging in abstract ideological debate when you can just send a sweet picture like this one?

B’teavon and Happy Passover Day 4, dear readers! May we all go from Redemption to Freedom in the coming year!

* Orthodox Union, the governing body of orthodox Jewish movements

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