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Planning a Jewish funeral is one of the hardest things for families to do.

No matter how expected the death was – and all the more so when it wasn’t expected – a death leaves everyone in the family reeling with grief, and overwhelmed by all of the logistical choices that need to come next.

• How do you find a funeral home and a funeral officiant who can provide the right kind of Jewish funeral service (for your family?)
• How much time do you have to get everything done?
• What does the funeral-planning process look like?

I work with many unaffiliated Jewish families. Some are interfaith; others come from a strong atheist or Secular Humanist orientation. I will strive, in this blog article, to answer some of the most common questions I encounter working with these families.

Step One: Contact A Funeral Home

… This article has moved! In July 2018, I created a webpage dedicated entirely to Jewish funerals in metro Philly. To keep reading where you left off, please visit: SecularJewishFunerals.com. This article in particular can be found here.

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