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Today I awoke to the shocking news that Noah’s Event Venue, a bargain-priced wedding and corporate event venue begun in Utah (of course!), has declared bankruptcy. Most couples, Business Insider reports, will never get their deposits back, which often ranged from $7000 to $12000. 

Some of these couples had ceremonies only a few weeks away, 260 guests who have bought plane tickets, and have no venue!

That is a true “nightmare” — in every sense of the word.

If you wonder why I say “of course!” in relationship to the company’s Utah origins, early reports are saying that the whole place was basicallya Ponzi scheme that benefited a tiny select few. And because of a close family friend I have who has spent his career as a lawyer specifically fighting consumer fraud exactly like this one — I happen to know that Utah is the state that, per capita, has the largest number of illegal businesses, overall consumer fraud (especially targeting the poor and elderly), and Ponzi schemess, than any state in America.


My offer is simply a modest one. If YOU have been robbed of thousands of dollars from Noahs Event Planning (proof of a deposit and contract will be required) — I am willing to officate your ceremony for free. As I typically charge $1200 for a wedding, this is just a modest token to try to help repair a terrible injustice perpetratrated by fellow professionals in my industry.

I can offer Jewish, interfaith, or “spiritual but not religious”-type ceremonies. (Or purely secular). Whatever category they fall under, my overall emphasis in all my ceremonies is on love, your unique love story, and the importance of love, family, and community to make a meangful life.

My ceremonies are pretty mutch the antithesis of the classic church service — with two people incidentially getting married in the middle of a lot of God talk …

I can also only offer this for weddings in the Philadelphia area or South Jersey, unless you cover any added travel expenses.


Check out my dozens of reviews on Wedding Wire under “Secular Jewish Irish Intrerfaith weddings.” If you’d like to learn more, contact me through that site or through here.

Best of luck to you all!


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